Paintings & Prints

JoEllen Murphy

Carol began her career at the early age of 7 in her mother’s studio, painting in oil on 3”x5” canvases. Her natural talent came from both parents; her mother, a painter, and her father, an illustrator. She attended Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland for 2 years before pursuing a career in graphic design and illustration. Read More

Cheryl Summers

Throughout her life Cheryl has always been self-motivated and creative in whatever she saw as a challenge. Her devotion to art took many forms, ranging from plays and musicals to becoming a sought-after faux and mural painter. 
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David McGuire

David McGuire was born and raised in Clarion, Pennsylvania and went on to study at Edinboro University to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a certification to teach kindergarten through twelfth grade. One of his paintings would later be added to Edinboro’s permanent art collection. Read More

Maite Bäckman

Maite Bäckman is of Swedish-Colombian origin, although she was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. At eighteen she moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she began her artistic studies. After five years, she returned to Madrid to study Fine Arts, finally getting her degree in Bellas Artes at La Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Read more

Julio César Díaz

Julio César Díaz was born in Puerto Rico in 1944. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture. He served in the U.S. Army and on his return from Vietnam, he embarked on a career in advertising and graphic arts.

Andres Bality

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Mr. Bality also has studied plein air painting at the Cyprus College of Art in Lemba, Cyprus. He makes his home in Richmond, Virginia.

Original Landscapes

McGuire’s Fine Arts offers a wonderful selection of original landscape paintings and prints by a variety of artists. Stop into our downtown Frederick, MD art gallery shop to see our latest pieces. A landscape painting or print is the perfect design touch for your home or gift for family or friends.