Maite Bäckman

Maite Bäckman is of Swedish-Colombian origin, although she was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. At eighteen she moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she began her artistic studies. After five years, she returned to Madrid to study Fine Arts, finally getting her degree in Bellas Artes at La Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

As a professional, she has carried out numerous works of design, illustration and photography. Since 2015, she has fully focused on her paintings.


She uses nature, generally plants and flowers that she collects from her surroundings, to deepen the relation of humans with their environment, trying to also understand our own nature as humans. As a frequent visitor to the Prado Museum, that started when she was very young, she has revisited classical painters such as Velazquez, Tiziano or Rembrandt. They all have a distinct influence on her work.

She has held numerous exhibitions in Spain, both solo and collective. Since 2017 she has produced part of her work in Maryland. This, at McGuire’s Fine Art Gallery, is her first exhibition in the US.