Jack Northrup

I turn bowls knowing each piece is going to be different. I let the wood tell me what I’m going to make out of it. I may start out with one idea and end up with a completely different piece. I use local hardwoods and salvage or scrap wood for my art; black cherry, walnut, maple, butternut, locust, sumac and others. I use pieces left from logging — pieces left in the woods after timbering, pieces from veneer logs left at the sawmill. It is all found wood. Wood that people can’t use. I have never cut down a live, healthy tree to turn a bowl. I enjoy working with burls. They create some of the most interesting pieces. No two pieces are alike. I twice-turn each piece; I turn them green, let them air dry to about out 8 percent moisture content and then turn them again. Most of my bowls, platters and many of my vessels are face-plate turned. I use natural edges and carving techniques to finish a piece.